Memorial Day Weekend

On Saturday, I took Katie and her mother Cary up to San Francisco. Cary was dying to see Lombard Street, and I had never driven it before. So we waited in line with all the other tourists and drove down the street, and then got out at the bottom and took pictures. More are on my flickr.

After that we went to Fisherman's Wharf, and I simply don't understand the appeal of that place. Sure,you can get seafood, but it's not like they have some kind of new, exotic seafood that you can't get everywhere. I guess Dungeness crab is less common in East Coast markets, so Cary was excited about that, and sure enough, she truly enjoyed hers.

The next day we had lunch with my parents, both of whom were under the weather. My mom had pneumonia last week… and I guess still does. Since pneumonia is a condition and not a disease, when do you stop having it? My dad just had a regular cold, and the rest of us were ok. Still, the lunch date went off a lot better than when my mother had lunch with my brother's future mother in law.

On Monday, we went to Muir Woods, up across the bay. It was packed for Memorial Day, so we took the shuttle in from Mill Valley. It was cool and shady, and pleasant, but there were so many damn people there. The best thing about walking around in a redwood forest is the quiet and cool, and time to think, and you just don't get that here, at least not on a weekend. We saw a cute little chipmunk, though.


Sorry I was away the whole month of September. At first I was on holiday, and then I was recovering from it (I took a lot of pictures of otters and jellyfish, and chinatown. If you know the way to my flickr, check them out). I have quite a few things to review for you in the next week or two, so stay tuned for reviews of: Reunion Tour from The Weakerthans, Bluefinger from Frank Black, DVDs of A Bit of Fry and Laurie, and a late, late, late review of a little book called Lord of the Rings, which is some kind of Dungeons and Dragons fanfic. Oh, and if I feel like branching out, I may review the new lens I used to take this picture, San Jose State's homecoming game against Idaho, and whatever my mother is making for dinner on Saturday night (assuming I keep that appointment).

Remember, October is review month!

QotD: I Rock The Mic

What song makes you rock the karaoke mic?
Submitted by Ann.

I don't actually rock the karaoke mic that often, although I am at karaoke about once a month for reasons which are my own. However, the two times I rocked the karaoke mic, it was to a beloved 80's song from my childhood. One the first occasion, I rocked it to Thomas Dolby's "She Blinded Me With Science," and the second time to Cyndi Lauper's version of "Money Changes Everything." That second one was kind of a vocal stretch, though. Other songs I have considered singing are Scandal's "Goodbye To You" (Which only a very few KJs have) and Madness's "Our House."

I have, however, seen some very poor Karaoke choices made.