Learning about myself

A panel from Achewood

Today I had some dental work done (my mouth is still numb as I tried this), and for an hour, completely of its own accord, my tongue fought the dentist and his assistant to a near draw. During a break in the work, the dental assistant showed me one of her tools, which had a hard plastic extension, which my tongue had folded and creased. She told me that she was using both hands to hold my tongue still, and that she needed a massage after that workout. The dentist asked me if I bit my tongue when I ate (I don’t), and said that I have a huge tongue, which is very strong.

All I had been doing with it is eating and talking, and I was unaware that I have some kind of superhuman muscle-tongue. I don’t know if that can be exploited to my advantage, or if I really want to be known as the guy with the super strong tongue, but this is really a case of not knowing I could play the piano until I tried.

Incidentally, I have tried to play the piano. I cannot.

(Panel above from Achewood)

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