Sorry for the big dumb hiatus, folls

Sorry I’m so boring.

I think we’ll have a couple of book reviews for some nonfiction works coming up here soon, and I’m trying to decide if there’s any value in criticizing a beloved series of children’s books written in the 1950’s, plus I’ve been working through some tv shows on Netflix and Hulu. Also, any relevant personal information (though I shouldn’t expect much).

Farewell, Vox

Vox is shutting its doors on September 30th, so I have imported all of my Vox reviews onto this wordpress installation. So far everything looks good, but if you see any obvious errors, let me know.

I liked Vox.

Anyway, here’s Cee Lo’s new song, “Fuck You!” It is delightful.

Coming online this week

It’s been a long time since I ran actual content here at, and it’s true that the last time I did, it was using a handwritten CMS, and not an out of the box tool like wordpress. That’s fine, because that’s ok. I thought I would give it one more go, since I’ve grown attached to the domain. So this week I will start posting here. In keeping with my vox blog, I will be mostly writing reviews, but instead of a review of a finished, unchanging product, I will be using this to write quick reviews when I see something I like in an unfinished, ongoing project–a blog or a webcomic. So it is a weblog in the strictest sense of the word: things I found on the web. I work online all day every day, and people are constantly pointing me at neat things. So I hope against hope that I will be able to update regularly. But we shall see. On with the week!